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Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger Goes Giant

So, for all the folks out there like me that would buy the Jr Bacon Cheeseburger BECAUSE it's quite smaller than all the other burger options, rather than because of the price, or maybe with price simply being an added bonus...well...HAH! The joke's on us.

Hopefully Wendy's isn't flat out stupid and is still keeping the regular-sized JBC on the menu, because when it's portion control you care about, only having something twice the size of your stomach paired with additional chicken nuggets is just plain dickery.

By the way, this is only made all the more stupid by the fact that Wendy's has had on their menu a double bacon cheeseburger called the Baconator(R) for the past couple of decades.
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So, I got a bit of a kick out of this article about a Panera Bread customer upset that "stupid bitch" showed up on her order receipt.

On one hand, sure, the employee should be dealt with by their supervisor, which the supervisor said they would do. The "higher ups" have hired a supervisor to deal with the situation, so yeah, it's a bit of an annoyance when a customer moves their complaint up the hierarchy just because they want to continue with their bitching, but I've seen higher ups get involved at times and request proof that a situation has been handled appropriately and not just brushed off, but apparently they either weren't doing that or simply weren't doing that to this customer's satisfaction. Oh, but social media to the rescue, to which the customer is finally satisfied, because Panera Bread issued a statement that an employee was fired (it says it was the associate involved, but why not also fire the supervisor and the higher ups, because obviously they were also keeping this bitchy customer from being heard).

BUT, my favorite part about this bit is the last line.

She's still going to continue to be a stupid bitch that wants to bitch about the other stupid bitch that entered the stupid bitch comment onto her receipt, so I'm thinking there might have been cause for her being called a stupid bitch in the first place.

Fucking bitches, lol.
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There's already a ride at Six Flags Over Texas (which no longer flies the Confederate Flag anymore, although that was a long-in-coming decision) called Haley Quinn Spinsanity (which just happens to be the same Rock-N-Roll ride that I love to ride at the Texas State Fair), so I wonder if they're going to take that one down or just rename it back to Daddy Long Legs, or whatever it was they were calling that ride previously.

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"Jolly the Pimp" image search only comes up with a single image of Ethan Hawke's character in Valerian, and it's an image out of a teaser book sent to press agents around the same time as the first trailers were being shown titled 100 Days of Valerian.

The same also goes for searching for inter-dimensional space market guide Thaziit.

So much for trying to get a better look at the characters through a basic internet search.

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The music in this is beautiful.

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Google knows it's my birthday, so the Google Doodle is a bunch of letter candles with "Happy Birthday, Nicole" as the hover text.

So.....I had to go looking up today's actual Google Doodle, Teachers' Day 2017 (Nicaragua), which is actually pretty gosh darn cool looking, and I kind of wish I could see it instead.

Co-worker tied 3 birthday balloons to my chair, Roommates are treating me to Razzoo's for dinner, I promised to join the family at Six Flags tomorrow after work, and I'm using up as many freebie birthday restaurant app gifts I can, which means I'll be taking the nephews for a lot of ice cream this weekend.
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This is a thing, and it's exquisite. Go do an internet search for yourself and see.

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I've been watching the Resident Evil movies, and this evening I watched No. 4: Afterlife.

I agree with Kevin, the soundtrack is awesome.

As far as the movie review goes, I think Ultraviolet should have gotten an award compared to this.

The first 15 minutes was just to tie up loose ends from the previous movie - bring in the clones, kill them off, pick up Ali Larter, and then move on to this movie - because fuck all of those meaningless loose ends.

Air Raid Siren (this wasn't as important at first, but proved prophetic to the rest of the movie, as you shall see)

At 1 hour in I was bored and trying to keep myself awake.

Then Pyramid Head showed up, and they got their peanut butter in my chocolate, and I figured someone secretly switched out the video game in the console when the writers were halfway through with the script. Yeah, I know the Executioner is from the actual Resident Evil game franchise, but still....AIR RAID SIREN!

Predictable plot is predictable.

Oh, look, it's the guy (Wentworth Miller) who played the whiny brother in Dinotopia. Seriously, I will always remember him as the whiny brother in Dinotopia. HAHA - I totally didn't mean to predict he was going to be a whiny brother in this movie too.

I got gypped out of getting to see the special effects of the "urban pacification vehicle" mow down a bunch of zombies. Instead, I got a stupid blood trail from a tiny prop plane from way up high, which, by the way, I don't think would have survived that little run in with hundreds of zombies. Cheap.

Fog out of freaking nowhere - see I told you they got my Silent Hill into their Resident Evil.

White room getting tainted with blood. Okay, so not quite the hell world of Silent Hill, but still...
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"Update: The launch was originally scheduled for Sunday evening. It was been postponed for Monday evening."

Adding two sentences to an article, and yet still there is no one bothering to read it over AT LEAST ONCE before posting it and then forgetting about it.

I am so frustratingly annoyed at constantly seeing typos and grammatical errors in online articles. I give a pass to online blogs, because those are just blogs, but professionally written articles and blogs that are presenting themselves as professional journals intended for a marketable audience should go through some form of an editing process during which blatant errors can be eliminated. Having no more telltale misspelling squiggly lines flourishing your submission doesn't mean the entry has been properly edited.


I'll give this particular article one bit of credit: There is a "Report a Typo" link at the bottom of the article. Now to see if they actually do something with that info.

Ear Worms

Jun. 11th, 2017 12:04 pm
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Thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Brandy and My Sweet Lord are stuck in my head on repeat.

It could be worse.

Speaking of which, when I was in Spanish classes, we learned the translation for and meaning behind La Bamba. It's like the complete opposite of the meaning behind Brandy. Or maybe just a prelude to Brandy - make her swoon with your Captain's charm, and then dump her like the sea bitch you really are. This was the plot of John Wayne's Seven Sinners, which was probably my most favorite of all his gazillion movies, because the focus was on the woman, not the man or the battle or the posse. Would he give up his life in the Navy to marry the girl at the bar, the girl he fought the other Navy officers and local boss man over?

Incidentally, that movie is the reason I have coveted a wingback rattan chair since just about forever. It's Bijou's favorite seat. Oh my, it's on sale.

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Middle nephew that loves riding the big roller coaster rides with me asked if we could go to Six Flags today. He's learned from me the value of going to Six Flags on skeptical weather days, like cold, possibly rainy days in the fall, and scattered thunderstorm days like today.

We got rained on twice, once as soon as we arrived and again right after eating dinner. That second storm cell included a few park-wide notices of the weather service alert accompanying it, which the alarm sound over the intercom made Little Bit nervous for a moment. I had to pull up the radar on my phone and talk him through understanding that it wasn't a tornado warning, and that we were safer staying there than leaving and driving in the car TOWARDS the oncoming assault. We stayed in the restaurant while the bulk of the second storm passed, which had already started losing power once it reached us and was only a mid-level rain rather than the OMG pummel of doom it started out as on the other side of Fort Worth. The A/C was making us cold, so we were happy to start walking around in the light rain again once the storm subsided. There were puddles to walk through everywhere, and nephew, along with many younger kids throughout the park, were loving stomping and splashing in them. Some bigger puddles were unavoidable while walking through the wait-line corrals Luckily I wore sandals instead of socks and shoes. I know how crinkled my feet get when they're trapped in water-logged shoes all day, like they did when I was a teen and rode the soaking water rides first thing upon arrival on a hot, hot summer day.

Our drink spilled a total of three times - once on the table, once on him while we were on a ride, and once on my hoodie while it was sitting in the bin during another ride. Apparently the lid doesn't seal as well as it should. Luckily we were already thoroughly damp, so while the spillage added a level of soaking to our clothes, you couldn't tell while walking amongst the other water-drenched souls.

The park was emptying out by the time we arrived at around 4pm, so much so that I thought maybe they had decided to close due to the rain, but they stayed open the full day until 9pm. I think most people got in their fun in the morning before the rains started, but those dry folks probably also had much longer lines to stand in. There were absolutely no lines for us. The longest we waited for a single ride was The Justice League at maybe 30 minutes, which on a normal busy day is 2+ hours. I know this because the first time we rode it I got leg cramps from a 2-hr long line, and I've seen the corral be even fuller than that on some days.

We ate a churro and popcorn and carried around that Mr. Pibb in our free refill bottle. We rode the Batman ride with zero wait. We had a burger, chicken nuggets, onion rings, fries, a fruit cup, a fruit roll-up, and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish for dinner. Then we rode The Justice League and Runaway Mountain, the two inside rides we knew would for sure be open again once the storm passed over. Then we rode The Texas Giant twice, The Titan twice, and The Texas Giant another two times. Any other regular summer day, weekend or not, and ALL of those rides would have ~2 hours wait times.

In summary, 5 hours, a snack, a dinner, two water shows, and 9 rides, all for the cost of gas (since we have the season pass with meals).

At least I didn't have to worry about sunscreen.

The best parts about today were our conversations to and from the park. Little Bit definitely has a scientific mind. On the way out he asked about the myth that green skies always means tornado, and I explained super cell clouds, wall clouds, and light dispersion, especially during sunset, through such a gigantic super cell. He now knows green skies and tornadoes are correlated, but not causality - I would have shown him a Venn, but I was driving. We simultaneously debunked the rain-means-no-tornado myth. We also talked about vortexes in general, including dust devils, hurricanes, whirlpools, and even the smoke vortex you can see coming off the iron cooking slab at our favorite Mongolian grill restaurant. I discussed how the power source for some come from the heat coming off the ground/base of the vortex and some get their power from the top. Later, while riding The Texas Giant the second set of times, we enjoyed the sunset and the going-away thunderstorm clouds while the train was pulled up the main drop hill, and he commented to me that he understood the light dispersion stuff better while looking at the pretty sunset colors.

On our drive back, he asked me to clarify the magnets installed in the cars affecting stop lights concept. He was close, but not quite right. I told him about the grooves in the road and how the metal car disrupts the inductance, so we played Where's Waldo looking for the grooves at the next couple of intersections. I didn't go into as much scientific depth with that as I did the green tornado clouds stuff. Next time I hang out with him, I'll introduce him to henry.

But Wait, There's More!

He also asked about college, and if I went to college, and how degrees work. So we spent the rest of the drive home talking about undergrad Bachelor, grad Master, and post-grad PhD/MD/JD degrees.

Whew. What a day.
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Not only good music, but the video is an intriguing study in texture, movement, and the human form.


May. 29th, 2017 09:33 pm
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You know how TV shows will have Christmas Specials and Halloween Specials, so that when you go back decades later and watch them on DVD you knew when it was Halloween week and Christmas week, and sometimes Sweeps week because of all the TV show crossovers?

I've been watching Boardwalk Empire during my elliptical workouts, and I decided I would throw an extra workout in this evening. It's easier to do at the moment, since we're short roommates in the room next to mine, so I don't have to try to get the workout in earlier in the day before they go to sleep, as I worry the elliptical and TV sounds will be too loud.

So, at 9pm I decide to jump into a workout. I'm on episode 5 of season 2, and it just so happens to be set on Memorial Day, 1921. It's not like I knew it was going to be set for Memorial Day, but I still thought it was quite a fitting nightcap for this evening.

Incidentally, this episode first aired on October 23, 2011, a far cry from Memorial Day.

Twin Peaks

May. 21st, 2017 04:04 pm
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Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks


Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks

That's what my tail would be wagging and saying if I had one.


Mar. 26th, 2017 10:50 am
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When I was about aged 21-23, I went with my mom and dad to the liquor store while we were out and about one day. My dad has had a large, greying beard for quite some time. When we got to the checkout counter, the cashier didn't worry about my dad, but with my mom and me in line with him, he asked to see our IDs for verification of age (21 is the age limit here in the states for purchasing alcohol). Maybe he thought my mom and I were both underage and that we had talked this nice older gentleman into buying booze for us? Neither Mom nor I had brought in our purses, because it was dad getting the alcohol, but the cashier wouldn't complete the sell to my dad until all our ages were confirmed. We went out to get our purses, brought them back in, holding up the cashier's line in the process (but that was on him), and showed him our IDs. Being old enough myself, and Mom being 20 years older than me, she couldn't resist making a funny comment about the matter with the cashier once he saw her date of birth, and then commenting to Dad about him being married to a young spring chicken, which of course made me roll my eyes and possibly gag a little. It wasn't the first time someone thought we were sisters and that she was closer to my age than expected. Being early 20s, I was at that age when I was quite used to being carded, and in fact expected to be carded and found joy when I wasn't, but Mom thought those days were over for her.

I now know how she must have felt.

Up until my mid-thirties I would still get occasionally carded for cigarettes (age limit 18). Since I've stopped smoking, I've stopped being able to test that perception.

Yesterday I went to lunch with a couple friends. They ordered their drinks while I had gone to the restroom. When I came back, I ordered my drink. The waitress thought for a moment and then asked to see my ID. Success!

So now I know, it's definitely in the genes. If my mom can get carded for alcohol into her early 40s, so can I.
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We are under a "red flag warning" for this evening.

Which I've never heard of before.

And which is funny, because we should be under thunderstorm warning, since a very sharp line of a front is about to pass over us in the next hour or two.

"A Red Flag Warning means that extreme fire weather conditions are either occurring now...or will shortly. A combination of strong winds...low relative humidity...and dry vegetation can contribute to extreme fire behavior. Avoid all outside burning and welding today. Do not toss lit cigarette butts outside. Report wild fires to the nearest fire department or law enforcement office."

You see? "low relative humidity" and "thunderstorm" kind of contradict each other. So, we're going to get pelted this morning, and then by evening 11AM the wind and sun will dry us up again.

Why don't they just call it a fire warning? You know, something that would make sense. Because here I am thinking that all our precious American and Texas flags that are everywhere are in threat of turning red. I think that would please Russia.
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