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"Update: The launch was originally scheduled for Sunday evening. It was been postponed for Monday evening."

Adding two sentences to an article, and yet still there is no one bothering to read it over AT LEAST ONCE before posting it and then forgetting about it.

I am so frustratingly annoyed at constantly seeing typos and grammatical errors in online articles. I give a pass to online blogs, because those are just blogs, but professionally written articles and blogs that are presenting themselves as professional journals intended for a marketable audience should go through some form of an editing process during which blatant errors can be eliminated. Having no more telltale misspelling squiggly lines flourishing your submission doesn't mean the entry has been properly edited.


I'll give this particular article one bit of credit: There is a "Report a Typo" link at the bottom of the article. Now to see if they actually do something with that info.
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Headline Stress Disorder

Headline Stress Disorder

No matter how many times I say that phrase to myself, I simply cannot fathom it.

Headline Stress Disorder

Headline Stress Disorder

I'm not angry that someone has "Headline Stress Disorder." I'm angry that, according the author of this article, so many of those folks have to be told by a psychiatrist what it means.

Fuck your Headline Stress Disorder.


Nov. 30th, 2016 08:01 am
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There is a dog next door.

It's a new dog. It could just be a visiting friend or family member that brought their dog along with them and will soon be leaving again. Or it could be the gentleman living next door got lonely and got himself a dog, or someone else got him a dog. Who knows.

This dog likes to bark, a deep, heavy, sometimes howling, bark, unlike the high-pitched yaps of the previous dogs that lived there with him and his significant other before she moved out.

This dog likes to bark at things that move.

This dog likes to bark at things that move in the early morning hours of the day.

This dog woke me up 2 hours before it was time for my alarm clock to go off.

This dog is getting on my freaking nerves, and it's only been present for about 24 hours.

Two hours short on sleep, and two hours short on nerves. I'm gonna be such a happy camper at work today.
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"On hot nights they may enter houses, but are not pests."

I greatly disagree. Especially when one has managed to get itself trapped between my outer window screen and my inner window right next to my bed and it keeps click-click-clicking trying to figure a way out, thereby keeping me awake because I'm such a freaking light sleeper.

I think I now know what has been sometimes getting stuck inside my window-unit A/C and clicking randomly, driving me nuts in that respect as well.
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We watched The 5th Wave last weekend.

The first wave is global knockout of all electronics a la The Day The Earth Stood Still, causing airplanes to fall out of the sky (among other things, like massive car crashes, bye-bye general infrastructure, and adios clean drinking water).

My gripe: airplanes wouldn't fall out of the sky like that.

Helicopters, sure, but not airplanes.

They might still have a hard time landing, or not have anywhere to land and crash into mountains and oceans, but they wouldn't FALL.

It doesn't work like that.
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I've had to go online for two episodes of The Americans this season because the DVR cut off ~10min before the end of the show. The programmers at FX are responsible.

Now, it's 9:20pm, I've brushed my teeth, settled in with my cross stitch, and started up the DVR for the season finale of The Americans only to find 20 minutes of an infomercial that recorded at 5:10am instead of 20min of the episode. This is also the fault of the programmers at FX.

{Yeah, I edited it - I shouldn't be QUITE so perturbed, but it's still annoying}
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Here's some articles I found during my searching. Just putting these here for reference.

This guy actually tracked and screenshot his Windows Rape Experiences

He then gives advice for First aid for Forced Windows 10 Upgrades - includes roll-back instructions if you catch it within 30days (or maybe 31 days) of updating

He goes on to promote GWX Control Panel - a means of removing the detritus in case you did get an unwanted update

And finally, Removing the nagging Windows 10 Update notifications - easy to read version of Microsoft's own published Security option and Regedit changes that users can make
(Slightly alternate, but still the same, instructions for Win7Pro machine, like my home computer.)
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The explorer.exe was continuously crashing, and after searching online, this seems to be a common malady of the upgrade to Windows 10.

The Dirty Little Details )

So far, it's working. It only took me 9 hours (less the time I stopped to work on the permits), all to rename a single file.

Fucking Windows 10 upgrade. Grrr.
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My work computer was force-upgraded to Windows 10 during the night, which Microsoft insists it isn't doing, and that it's still the users who are in control.

Now I'm at work staring at a machine that's unusable until it finishes whatever fuckery it has on it's to-do list, while watching a little circle go round and round and round and round.
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Here's an article on bimodal sleep, wherein* the idea of waking up for about an hour or so in the middle of the night is quite normal.

If I wake up like that with my brain turned on, you usually know about it, because I tend to gravitate towards posting my thoughts here to help speed me along on my way back to the Land of Nod. I don't always wake up, though. The other night I don't even recall turning in bed, which tends to wake me up slightly when I do it.

This evening I dealt with an unwanted intrusion on my computer (and my mom's and my work computers) via my TeamViewer account. They appeared to be trying to find a logged-in eBay account, and luckily I was directly watching my computer the moment the hack started, so I was on the phone with mom while she saw the same thing, and then I caught them just as they were logging out of my work computer when I went to exit out of that connection. None of our eBay accounts were logged in, so as soon as they clicked on My Account and hit a login screen they moved on, and with me watching as it was happening I was able to stop them from having continued unlimited access to our computers. I still think of myself as lucky in that respect.

Mom overreacted. I told her to exit out of TeamViewer and then got off the phone to deal with triage. I called her back after a couple passwords were changed, and she informed me that after getting off the phone she put TeamViewer in the Recycle Bin on the desktop and then closed Firefox and did the same with that. Then she turned off the laptop completely.




Yeah. Keep laughing - I'm laughing right along with you. That's my mom for ya. At least the part about turning off the computer completely wasn't that horrible of an idea, and she did have the right intentions regarding all of her other actions. She also was freaking out because dad was possibly surfing eBay earlier in the day on a different computer in their house which doesn't have TeamViewer loaded, but she was still worried that he hadn't logged out and they might have accessed their eBay account through that computer as well. I had to reassure her that was most likely not the case - they were fishing via TeamViewer and logged out as soon as they couldn't find what they were looking for. Planned epee stab attack. Still, since my computer was the first hit, I've already run a couple scans, checked running processes and verified no new installed programs, and I'm not seeing anything new, special, or out of the ordinary. Had I not been watching the entire activity which lasted all of a minute or two at most, I'd probably consider more drastic measures, but at this point, I'm betting on the epee point being quite small, and our padding being just right.

I have a feeling that should I awaken tonight it'll be from some kind of intruder nightmare, or worse, a nightmare about All The Things getting thrown in the recycle bin, and I'll have some jackass hacker out there (and possibly my mom to some small extent) to blame.

* "wherein" seems to be a favorite meme word of mine these days, because I keep catching myself using it for some reason
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I'm listening to this book by Dean Koontz.

I would like to strangle the female protagonist.

She opens her mouth CONSTANTLY without thinking, without care. She has got to be one of the most infuriating characters I've ever had to endure. She gets into these stupid hysterics, and I really wish the main character would slap her, but he apparently has the patience of a saint.

I know that by making her have such emotions, that gives her more life and reality, but ugh she drives me up the wall when she gets into one of her tizzies.
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Access kept shutting down unexpectedly (after I was having issues with a single macro running), which prompts it to make a backup file automatically, and Google Drive is where everything is housed, but that keeps randomly giving "Cannot Connect" messages and going offline, even though the rest of my internet is pounding away just fine.

Between Google trying to keep up with the multiple copies uploading and Access continuously, unexpectedly closing, followed by Google giving up completely and deleting ALL the files, I've only managed to snag about 90% of the database I've been working on at work. That 90% is currently split into two different database files, one with corrupted VBA, but from what I can tell almost all the forms, tables, queries, etc. that I had as of the last save, and one with good VBA, but missing the forms and associated programming from the previous two days worth of work. At one point Google/Access gave me a file labelled "Backup of Backup of Backup of Backup of Invoices DB Backup Copy" I was on the verge of tears thinking the database would be completely gone at that point.

I blame the tug of war between the two giants while little ol' me sits in the middle of the carnage.

What I'm most angry about is that I had one of those random sparks of combined insight and energy and was able to accomplish in the past two days about as much as I'd gotten done the whole previous two weeks. So, the loss of a huge chunk of VBA programming, along with knowing I'll be spending the better part of tomorrow sewing these two files back together, has me irked to no end. Yes, there was a backup file already, but Google does Versions of files in spurts, which was why the previous versions I could find are missing the last couple days' worth of work. If only the VBA wasn't giving errors in the more complete file...

I think I'm going to start manually backing up this sucker to my hard drive as well, especially after making large amounts of changes.
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I have a Timex branded plug-in night light, model # TX22401, which takes a 7W bulb and otherwise looks almost exactly like this one.

It needs to be fixed )

Then again, maybe I should sit and think about my options.

PS - I never did find what I originally set out to find.

PPS - Holy Crap, I finally found a replacement that's not out of stock!

Google search: "motion sensor red night light" gave me this as a "shop for" option, even though it's not red. Now to decide if I'm going to go all hoarder on this item and buy 5 of them at once.
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I'm with all the reviewers. This season of The Walking Dead has traumatized me to the point that I'm honestly not sure if I'm going to bother with continuing to watch the show after this season.

"What's going to happen next," is an appropriate cliff hanger. "Who are the storm trooper knights with lances," is an appropriate cliff hanger.

Watching Carol, the one person who grew well past her abused-wife mentality falling apart at the seams was not only ridiculous, but a pathetic story plot whose only purpose was to get Morgan to run into the storm trooper knights, and maybe prove that he really is willing to kill after all. But I just don't buy it. In fact, the whole transformation of both Carol and Maggie are disappointing.

Maggie having issues with her pregnancy as an excuse to get everyone worth a damn out of Alexandria to the point that the town has been left to Father Pushover was just annoying. Rick thinking leaving the town in the Father's hands is a good idea, because he's a changed man and has had all of two hours of official combat training, had me wanting to throw shit at Rick's head. The Saviors hanging out on the roads like they somehow knew Maggie was going to have trouble and the whole gang would be out and about driving to The Hilltop was asinine. Having their little clearing in the woods at the exact spot to where Rick and The Gang ran was way too contrived.

And, of course, the "who's getting their brains turned into PB&J with a baseball bat," is NOT an appropriate cliff hanger.
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"The object doesn't contain the Automation object 'CustLocNum'"

Would it KILL you to tell me to WHICH object are you referring?

At least then I'd know which of the three lines of code that mention 'CustLocNum' I should be addressing.


Nov. 18th, 2015 08:14 pm
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I'm so very frustrated at the moment.

I already threw out a grocery bag of 6 skeins of yarn that got peed on by one of the cats. Since then, I've been trying to keep my bedroom door closed, although I did leave it open either yesterday or today (I can't recall which for sure) when I went to work.

I just discovered my project bag that has the afghan I've been working on for a couple months has been tagged as well, and it's been a little while at least, because it's already dried. It's the same yarn as what was in the grocery bag, and I feel stupid for not checking it sooner*. I bought so much of the yarn needed for the afghan that I kept half of it in the project bag and half in the grocery bag. The side of the bag that got tagged is the side with a cloth lining that holds my working project. The pee soaked through to the afghan, so both the project bag and the project smell like pee.

There's ideas online about washing cat-peed-on projects with vinegar. Since this is still an active project with ~3ft circular cables, over 200 loops on the needles, and lots of plastic and metal stitch markers, attempting to hand wash it will be a mini project in and of itself. As I am right this moment, I feel like chucking the whole thing and giving up on the project altogether.

*I've been on hiatus from knitting for the past couple weeks after my left arm starting hurting following a whole weekend of nothing but knitting like crazy while watching TV. My arm still hurts quite a lot. I only moved the project bag so that I could get to my elliptical for a workout this evening when I noticed the smell. Now I'm not even in the mood for the workout.

On a hunch, I also just checked the travel bag and suitcase in which I have stored more yarn. (Yes, I went on a huge yarn buying spree.) The suitcase smells untouched, but the travel bag does not.

I feel so dejected about the whole mess.


Sep. 16th, 2015 08:06 pm
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If you know me, then you know how much I'm flailing in mental pain and frustration at the premise of this show.

Mom recorded Lucy on their DVR. I have a feeling I'm going to have to watch the damn thing through gritted teeth the whole time. I told her as much.

Phys Ed

Sep. 5th, 2015 08:20 am
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My nephew sprained his ankle in his P.E. class, and it got me to thinking.

P.E. is NOT Physical Education, as the name implies. Yeah, the kids get exercise, but wouldn't it be wonderful if P.E. actually was a class about educating kids on the aspects of their physical bodies? Understanding food and diet, which could include learning to read food labels. Understanding calories and other terms that relate to the balance between food and exercise and what they mean. Learning how to track daily workouts using paper and pencil as well as modern technology, such as a walking counter/meter on a smart phone or smart watch.

All I've ever known of P.E. was that it was the alternative to athletics (read: sports and gymnastics), and that the kids participate in physical activities, but not really learn about their own physical bodies. I'm all for there being an alternative. I participated in athletics throughout all of junior high and high school, but I always hated the team sports (namely, volleyball and basketball for me as a girl). I was fine in track and cross country, and I loved when I finally joined the tennis team, and I'd been bowling since I was a little one, but those were individual, or at most doubles, sports where I wasn't having to coordinate with a team of other players. And some of those athletics teachers can be rough, which was one of the reasons I stopped being in band - for every 10 athletic teachers, there's one band instructor that feels more like a drill sergeant than those 10 athletic instructors combined ever wished they could be.

I just think it would be neat if those kids in P.E. who otherwise probably could care less about sports, and maybe even learning, were somehow primed to be open to the areas of fitness, nutrition, and maybe even physiology. There's a fallacy that the non-smart, non-atheletic kids won't succeed in those areas of study, but I think priming them to at least know about them while they are still in grade school would help open the door to new possibilities for them. It could still be an "easy A" class, but throw some actual EDUCATION into the Physical Education course.
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I'm trying to read an article about the current flooding going on, when a simple missing word now has me wondering about the urban building properties of rainfall.

"Heavy rains caused street around the Oklahoma City area Saturday."
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The Will AI was stupid in the end.

Cut for major ending spoiler )

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