Jan. 16th, 2017 05:09 pm
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I gave Dad his scarf this weekend. He likes it a lot and even asked about one of the ways to wrap it that he's seen others do.

The two older boys have requested special colored scarves, so the really big, long scarf already done went to my sister, and I'm not sure who has claimed the 3rd scarf made from the leftover yarn from making Dad's scarf, but I'm sure I'll eventually see it around someone's neck. I have to go buy some more yarn. Well, I don't HAVE TO, considering that I have a couple suitcases filled with yarn at the moment, but that yarn has already been earmarked for other projects. And it's stored in the back of my closet where I can't currently reach it due to boxes of books being in the way.
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Just kidding. I think it was more of a mad descent into Heathenville, where the weather is mighty warm. I was telling friends and family since Friday that I no longer need to visit Australia to experience a summer Christmas. We hit 80-degrees yesterday, which is a nice spring day by my Texan standards (and most of Australia), but warm enough to get me close to that summer-xmas experience.

I'm working on creating a crochet mesh tube scarf for Dad. He's been asking Mom about finding him a knit scarf for winter. I've looked around, but most actual knit, masculine scarves in one of the colors he has requested is either difficult to find or kind of expensive, so I opted to snag some yarn and make him one myself. I decided on crochet instead of knit because it's easier and faster for me. This particular pattern with the waffle holes and being done in the round looked like it would go pretty quickly, and the double-layer result of the scarf should make it ridiculously warm. It feels wonderful being able to create something for my dad. He's not one to ask for nor really care about receiving gifts in general, so being able to make him something homemade is great.

I started the scarf Friday night while awaiting our friends coming over for a Christmas gift exchange and a birthday party. I spent about an hour or so Saturday working on it in between wrapping Christmas gifts for the boys and showing Ricardo around the Krampusnaucht event happenings in The Secret World. I then worked on it mostly non-stop before and after opening presents with the boys on Sunday, and all that afternoon and evening while watching Doctor Who's Face the Raven, Heaven Sent ("It must be Christmas."), and Hell Bent, just before the showing of The Return of Doctor Mysterio. It's now 5ft long, and by the time I'm finished with the 2nd skein, I should have the 6-ft length I'm going for.

(You hear that? That's the sound of me feeding my addictions. ALL OF THEM: Gaming, Doctoring, Stringworking, oh my!)

Crochet Project Details Here )

I was well pleased with all the gifts I managed to give, and I was thoroughly surprised with all the gifts received. The biggest and best was a combined gift from Ricardo, Lili, and Fiona, of a Coca-Cola mini fridge to replace the mini fridge that previously died. That alone will make a ton of difference for our household as a whole. Ricardo helped get it in place and then Paco managed to take over swapping the door hinge to the other side for a proper fit in its new home. Tom managed to string a power cord through the recesses of the kitchen to get it up and running the next day when I wasn't looking. Oh, happy, joy, joy.

My second favorite gift has to be the replacement tea kettle Kevin picked out for me. That image doesn't do it's coloring justice. It's a brilliantly deep red that is absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to have to pay attention and keep it clean of the cooking gunk that managed to cover the last two kettles I've had.

Today Mom is bringing Eldest and Little Bit over to do some yardwork at our house. Eldest still owes money to Little Bit from his XBox One purchase back in late summer, in which Little Bit was kind enough to lend him half the money so he could get it sooner rather than later. Little Bit got his XBox One as a Christmas gift from Mom and Dad, since Eldest hadn't saved up enough yet to pay him back so he could get it himself. So now Eldest technically owes that difference to Mom and Dad, while money earned by Little Bit will just go towards his savings for other things.
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It's exactly what it sounds like.

Faux Boob for those in need.
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I hadn't touched any of my string working projects since the cat-pee-yarn incident. This week I've been getting back into the cross stitch. While watching shows with my Mom and middle nephew on Sunday, I brought out my cross stitch to work on. That prompted Little Bit to go, Oh Yeah, and go over and grab his cloth knitting box which houses his yarn and knitting needles.

Sure enough, it's been so long since he looked at it he has forgotten the basics (which was all we were working on at the time). So I grabbed a couple needles and started short-tail casting on, only to find that my hands have also seemed to forgotten. I flubbed a little ways through and managed to cast on, but then when going for the first row of knitting, again my hands were failing me, and it felt like the cast on row was too tight and/or wrong. Considering I didn't feel like I was doing it 100% correctly, I wasn't surprised.

I had to tell him that I promise to reteach him next weekend, but for right now he was just going to have to watch the show without having something in his hands. That means getting my knitting back out and reteaching myself as well.


Nov. 18th, 2015 08:14 pm
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I'm so very frustrated at the moment.

I already threw out a grocery bag of 6 skeins of yarn that got peed on by one of the cats. Since then, I've been trying to keep my bedroom door closed, although I did leave it open either yesterday or today (I can't recall which for sure) when I went to work.

I just discovered my project bag that has the afghan I've been working on for a couple months has been tagged as well, and it's been a little while at least, because it's already dried. It's the same yarn as what was in the grocery bag, and I feel stupid for not checking it sooner*. I bought so much of the yarn needed for the afghan that I kept half of it in the project bag and half in the grocery bag. The side of the bag that got tagged is the side with a cloth lining that holds my working project. The pee soaked through to the afghan, so both the project bag and the project smell like pee.

There's ideas online about washing cat-peed-on projects with vinegar. Since this is still an active project with ~3ft circular cables, over 200 loops on the needles, and lots of plastic and metal stitch markers, attempting to hand wash it will be a mini project in and of itself. As I am right this moment, I feel like chucking the whole thing and giving up on the project altogether.

*I've been on hiatus from knitting for the past couple weeks after my left arm starting hurting following a whole weekend of nothing but knitting like crazy while watching TV. My arm still hurts quite a lot. I only moved the project bag so that I could get to my elliptical for a workout this evening when I noticed the smell. Now I'm not even in the mood for the workout.

On a hunch, I also just checked the travel bag and suitcase in which I have stored more yarn. (Yes, I went on a huge yarn buying spree.) The suitcase smells untouched, but the travel bag does not.

I feel so dejected about the whole mess.


Sep. 13th, 2015 09:09 am
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I went searching for the female voice who narrated alongside Richard Dawkins in both of the audio books to which I am listening. I find her performances and apparent passion for the work intriguing and wondered if she might be another science colleague of Dawkins'. I searched for "Richard Dawkins audiobook" which easily led to an Amazon page filled with audiobooks. What confused me was that it was also filled with Doctor Who audiobooks, and I figured maybe somehow it was Amazon's Recommended For You intermixing with my current search.

The Honourable Lalla Ward


And...Vintage-A-Peel naughty (partially NSFW)

Her textile works are fascinatingly beautiful.


It looks like I might have to plan an outing with the boys this week.

Doctor Who 3D: Dark Water/Death in Heaven
9/15/15 and 9/16/15 - 7:30pm
XD RealD 3D Luxury Lounger Reserved Seating


Sep. 4th, 2015 12:38 pm
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Even if you don't know a thing about knitting, this wonderful 9min video tutorial on how to knit a moebius cowl is absolutely fascinating to watch for her great description of the moebius WHILE she's knitting along.

PS - Thick yarn like this always looks like some kind of putty string.

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Not Sizzlettes, but Sizzlits.

Either way, try saying it 3 times fast.

I came across a set of these for sale on eBay and I wondered what they were, so I Googled and found this YouTube video. It's funny, because after reading the comments, I think the title of the video appears to be more appropriate when using the alternate definition of dies than what's intended.

Despite all my woodworking and stringworking hobbies, scrapbooking people still kind of scare me. Beadworking people intimidate me, but scrapbooking people scare me.

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