Ear Worms

Jun. 11th, 2017 12:04 pm
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Thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Brandy and My Sweet Lord are stuck in my head on repeat.

It could be worse.

Speaking of which, when I was in Spanish classes, we learned the translation for and meaning behind La Bamba. It's like the complete opposite of the meaning behind Brandy. Or maybe just a prelude to Brandy - make her swoon with your Captain's charm, and then dump her like the sea bitch you really are. This was the plot of John Wayne's Seven Sinners, which was probably my most favorite of all his gazillion movies, because the focus was on the woman, not the man or the battle or the posse. Would he give up his life in the Navy to marry the girl at the bar, the girl he fought the other Navy officers and local boss man over?

Incidentally, that movie is the reason I have coveted a wingback rattan chair since just about forever. It's Bijou's favorite seat. Oh my, it's on sale.

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"This is really just the tip of the witch's hat."

I want this sentence to become popular vernacular over "tip of the iceberg".

(The article I linked, going on 2 years old now, is interesting as well, but I only really care about sourcing the awesome quote.)

Mini Grill

Oct. 4th, 2016 08:51 am
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I've been watching the Texan in Tokyo and the Rachel and Jun video blogs on YouTube. They are two American wives of two Japanese husbands, and both couples are really fun and entertaining to watch, as well as pretty informative. (Rachel was in the previous video I linked about the differences in our ear wax/sweat genes.)

Jun has his own cooking YouTube channel, and I was watching this video when at 1:45 I caught sight of the most amazing thing ever. A tiny mini grill attached to the stove. WANT.

Yeah, I know you can get a stove top that comes with a plancha and/or regular grill on top, but this tiny little grill drawer was too cute not to share.

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Non-poisonous fugu is not really this month's news. Japanese scientists have been working on isolating the cause of the puffer fish's tetrodotoxin for a few years now.

What I'm potentially excited about is the possibility of trying fugu in my lifetime and without having to make a trip to another country (not that I wouldn't jump at a chance to go to Japan) nor pay an arm and a leg (and possibly a literal torso and life) for it.

I love sushi, and I have favorite fishes and not favorite fishes. Octopus is too damned rubbery, whereas whitefish is yummy and salmon melts in my mouth. I still stand by the idea that "super white tuna" (read: escolar) is worth the 1-2 days of bathroom drama just to try at least once. You will never forget how rich and buttery it tasted. Likewise, you may never forget that your body rejected the food in the long run, so the likelihood of trying it a second time goes down significantly, unless you are some sort of masochist (I'm not judging).

In regards to fugu, I'm mostly curious. How does it taste? Does it really taste as good as my precious salmon? Is it a fish that once I've tasted it I'm going to want more, or will it become one of my take-it-or-leave-it staples?
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The all-in-one workstation

Coincidentally, I started having torso pains again yesterday afternoon which continued into my evening dinner plans and are still going pretty strong this morning. I could do with a laying-down-ish option right now, because mentally I want to be working on my database (I'm giving up one huge level of subforms given how much headache it's causing me and reworking it into a more manageable solution), but sitting here at the desk isn't exactly pain-free, and that laid back desk option looks like it would be a prefect solution for me right this moment.
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I have a Timex branded plug-in night light, model # TX22401, which takes a 7W bulb and otherwise looks almost exactly like this one.

It needs to be fixed )

Then again, maybe I should sit and think about my options.

PS - I never did find what I originally set out to find.

PPS - Holy Crap, I finally found a replacement that's not out of stock!

Google search: "motion sensor red night light" gave me this as a "shop for" option, even though it's not red. Now to decide if I'm going to go all hoarder on this item and buy 5 of them at once.
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I am so damned in love with this.

It's like Animusic come to life!

Just to give you an idea, the Animusic video was published almost exactly 8 years ago, and has a modest 3.1mil views, whereas this video was published a mere 5 days ago and already has 9.3mil views.

It's earned every single one of those.

Wintergatan and the band OK Go need to hang out and swap stories.

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Chatting with a gamer buddy online the other night, I decided to compile my Christmas wish-list towards interactive, VR gaming:

Step 1: Of course, the Oculus Rift

Step 2: Virtuix Omni

Step 3: Sixense 5-Tracker Stem System

Considering my nephews got bored with the Xbox 360 Kinect in a matter of days, I wonder how long it would take them to get bored with this kind of set up. At least roller skating, all-day bowling, and Six Flags season passes are still cheaper than all the above combined.

Black Gold

Feb. 14th, 2016 10:29 am
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Gold that is, black gold, Texas Gothic.

Skull Engagement Ring Black Gold - it's hard to see the skulls, as it's a REALLY dark black, but they're there in all their black gold beauty, so there!

This Marquise Pink Sapphire Pendant or Ring is what got my attention first, but even at such a discount I don't have the money to spend on frivolous jewelry that I might think to wear only a couple times a year. But, I think I could do less than $10 for a ring, though.

Oh my goodness, I am in love. Wow. Just, Wow. Seriously.

This one would make me start singing, "I feel pretty...oh so pretty."

And here's some Visual Black Gold - Decay Porn and Dance Porn Combined - Painted. (I actually found the sequel video to be more weird and almost slightly disturbing, even though it seems like it should be a prettier, happier video. "Christina, listen to me. Do NOT Go Into The Light!")
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I was looking up the word tureen, and then eyeballing images, thinking to myself, "Man, these are just dull, over-sized gravy bowls meant to hold soup, aren't they," when I came across this pretty:

That's very much more my style, and I'm thinking, "Well. Maaaaayyyybe...."

I click on the link - $595.00!!!

Yeah, that would be my style, alright. My parents always marveled at how, without ever paying attention to the prices, my stomach would manage to pick out the most expensive item on the menu no matter where we went to dine.

At least this one is a little better prices at $249.

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I was just thinking about how much STUFF I own and how and why a person like me accumulates so much stuff.

I was looking over my desk at the latest catalog of Bits and Pieces I received in the mail the other day (and curse the person who managed to get me back on their mailing list! That is an evil, evil, thing you....oooh, I so want that puzzle on page 6...). Between the board games, jigsaw puzzles, computer games, movies and television shows, and decks of playing cards I own, I'm pretty filled up for a lifetime, yet there's a part of me that still wants more. Now I think more about a place to put all of them.

I've always thought it would be nice to own some kind of game shop like the places we go when we're ready to drool over new dice or pick up the latest RPG book. Many of those game shops also have a play area where a 4-plus-hr Axis & Allies game can be staged with like-minded folks.

And then I thought about an internet coffee house with a center patio/garden style courtyard. Sitting in the patio seating of a coffee house is okay, but sitting in an inside courtyard away from the traffic is sometimes better.

Finally I thought how cool would it be to combine all my loves into a single shop, and call it The Playhouse. A three-to-four-story multi-platform hangout for the next generation. First floor, coffee and cafe and sitting areas and computer stations. Second floor (or perhaps 2nd half of the first floor, but definitely it's own area), gaming and comic book shop. This would be easier if a current shop just decided to move in an run that section. Third floor, LAN stations and table-top (board/card) gaming stations.

I like the idea of a place where people could go for multiple reasons and find other folks hanging out as well. Not every gamer is the type to hang out at a game shop to watch and/or participate in a game, but wouldn't it be nice if you were in the mood for a coffee and ran into fellow gamers.

Of course my dream Playhouse would also include a yarn and string shop as well. A girl can dream.

I'm beginning to envision a donut-shaped building "divided" into 4 sections. Over here we have coffee and culinary, with the second and third stories geared towards plant growing, surrounded by glass instead of bricks to create a greenhouse for growing foods used downstairs in the cafe. 2nd section would be the gaming, with the 2nd and 3rd stories as mentioned before. 3rd section yarn and stringworking, 2nd story sewing and training room, and 3rd story.... Not sure, but for some wacky reason (and because it's my dream playhouse) we could throw in a spa room. If it were semi-attached to the gardening section, the humidity from the spa would help with the greenhouse, I would think. 4th section for the painters, with 1st story being an art supply store, 2nd story dedicated to lots of artist easels, and the third story being a rotating artist gallery. Each section of each story would have easy pathways between them, inviting folks to cross boundaries and mingle. I could even picture pathways actually crossing the center of the donut shape, both to encourage walking through the center area to get to a section, but also providing areas of shade in the courtyard without completely blocking the sunlight. Special care would be taken to keep humidity from the spa section away from the art gallery section, as maybe that could be the area designated as the changing rooms.
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Why Tesla's Model X kicks ass in parking.

The Tesla Model X doesn't just have wings. If it did, you'd need even more space for door opening than a typical side-hinge door. Instead, it has folding wings, and that's impressive.

If it weren't for my competing needs to either buy a house and/or go back to school, I'd be on the waiting list for the Model 3 (provided it's still a hatchback) in a heartbeat. I recommend they make the 3 more like a digital 3 that can be turned around by the car's owner, just to piss the Ford people off. Make the 3 look like a semi-warped Tesla logo - imagine taking that logo and wrapping the tops of the T around until they're in line with the base of the T. Possibly shorten the length of the base slightly to accommodate the pointy-ended E, er, I mean 3.

I do wonder, since I see it listed a lot as Model III, if they are planning on putting the Roman or the Arabic onto the car body. If they use the Roman turned on its side, it can be argued it's a 3 even though in could also be interpreted into an E just as easily.

Of course, Ford would NEVER allow there to be a Tesla Model T. I could totally see that as being some sort of all-electric work truck, which would sell really well to the truck-as-a-status-symbol folks here in Texas - you know, the ones that never actually use their trucks to haul anything ever yet still have the beefed up engine and wheels and grill, oh my.
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I'm interested in trying out making bobbin lace, but that requires a kit to get started. The kit usually includes some form of "pillow" which will accept straight sewing pins, a whole bunch of said pins, a pattern or two, thread, and a certain number of bobbins for holding the thread.

Bobbins of these sorts come in all shapes and sizes and material (just search for "bobbin lace bobbins" to check them out), but I really enjoyed these two articles which proved to me that bobbins of this kind don't necessarily have to be expensive.

Small tapestry bobbins - aka 4" golf tees

scroll down to about 3/4 of the page past lots of images for a beginner project and feast your eyes upon these very secure bobbins - aka clothes pins

This gets me to thinking that perhaps Q-tips might could work as well, although the cotton at the end would start unraveling with the thread motions. Heck, how about plastic spoons? Although, typically the edges of the spoon are semi-sharp and might cut the thread as it moves off the spoon. By that token, a full set of knitting needles could work just as well. I'll have to keep brainstorming on this.
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I'm looking for a pair of skates to buy so I stop spending money on rentals when I take my nephews skating, and I'll probably go with a cheap Chicago pair that are commonly found at various stores right now. But what I REALLY want are these. Yes, I would pay $250 for THAT pair of skates.

These Blondie skates are adorable, but not really me.

For my quick reference:
black suede - Riedell
black suede - Sure-Grip
cheap black leather (the ones I'll probably end up getting for now)
another cheap option
slightly better cheap option
2nd better cheap option
expensive black leather (upgraded version with better plates)

Someone got bored one day and created optional packages:
Adonis (white on white)
Chronos (black on white)
Erebus (black on black)
Zephyrus (white on black)
(but they weren't so bored at to changed the description fields for each link)
And then they just went all out: NTS Custom

I really prefer this boot, but not the wheels or stop: Sure-Grip 93 boot
This one says 93 boot, but it doesn't have the ankle "flex notch" that I think I would like, but it is cheaper.

Reidell Legacy - I really like these, just not the price.

It's probably the lighting, but these look hunter green, and that's something I could consider going for, but they're also out of stock. I also like the simplicity of the look of these.

Then, there was patent leather, and then there was .... um ....

I really prefer the taller boot.
Yes, I'm a girl, and yes I want black.

I'll also go for blue suede (like above) or even purple suede, but NOT white.
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I'm all better now. Not quite the vacation from work I was hoping for. Not even a vacation from work in a general sense, as I still put in at least a couple hours ever day while running fever.

But, there's a plus side. I'm still alive and getting to look at this, and OMG THIS (hm, my birthday is in 3 months - it's closer than you think):

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Release the Acer Aspire R13 with a gaming-level graphics card.

I will buy that thing in a heart beat if they do.

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