Jun. 21st, 2017

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I've been watching the Resident Evil movies, and this evening I watched No. 4: Afterlife.

I agree with Kevin, the soundtrack is awesome.

As far as the movie review goes, I think Ultraviolet should have gotten an award compared to this.

The first 15 minutes was just to tie up loose ends from the previous movie - bring in the clones, kill them off, pick up Ali Larter, and then move on to this movie - because fuck all of those meaningless loose ends.

Air Raid Siren (this wasn't as important at first, but proved prophetic to the rest of the movie, as you shall see)

At 1 hour in I was bored and trying to keep myself awake.

Then Pyramid Head showed up, and they got their peanut butter in my chocolate, and I figured someone secretly switched out the video game in the console when the writers were halfway through with the script. Yeah, I know the Executioner is from the actual Resident Evil game franchise, but still....AIR RAID SIREN!

Predictable plot is predictable.

Oh, look, it's the guy (Wentworth Miller) who played the whiny brother in Dinotopia. Seriously, I will always remember him as the whiny brother in Dinotopia. HAHA - I totally didn't mean to predict he was going to be a whiny brother in this movie too.

I got gypped out of getting to see the special effects of the "urban pacification vehicle" mow down a bunch of zombies. Instead, I got a stupid blood trail from a tiny prop plane from way up high, which, by the way, I don't think would have survived that little run in with hundreds of zombies. Cheap.

Fog out of freaking nowhere - see I told you they got my Silent Hill into their Resident Evil.

White room getting tainted with blood. Okay, so not quite the hell world of Silent Hill, but still...

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