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So much goodness here.

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I'm working with the guy that's the design/implementation manager (or some such title) for the new roll out of the dispatching program we use at work.

I started as a beta tester for this new system, and he's been working with me over the past two weeks on getting reporting and downloads from his system into my own database to work with each other. It works well, because I get my data and he gets reports from me about issues I run into, which being OCD and trying to make two sets of data match perfectly means I seem to inadvertently run into ALL the issues.

This one in particular was quite fun:

ERROR: operator does not exist: character varying + unknown

I copy/pasted it into an email to him with the comment:
"I know MY character can be varying and unknown, but sheesh, does the report have to point that out to me? lol"

I really hope I'm more of source of amusement for him and his co-workers than a poking thorn in the side, seeing as I'm reporting something almost daily.

Incidentally, his last name is Robinson, so it's constantly taking everything in my power not to say, "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!" at any point during our emails. I feel certain that any person with last name Robinson no longer thinks of that as a funny joke.
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As Keith Olbermann likes to call them.

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I originally saw this as a coffee mug, but the link only has various clothing styles from what I can find. What a tease.

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I so want to find a list of the non-aired orders.

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I stayed for the Watermelon-Eating-Baby, although who's eating whom I'm not 100% sure of.

(Only the first clip in this video is worth the watching, up to 30seconds)

trickykitty: (Default) the Hillary Clinton Boop Dot Gif, the last one in this article.

Then again, I can't stop laughing at the first video of Bill Clinton with the wonderful soundtrack, although I think just about any sort of quirky, fun music would go with the video, for instance...

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My sister was in town to visit her childlings this weekend. She only lives about 3 hours away, but that's far enough that we call it being in town when she's here. On Sunday, while getting ready to head back out, she asked me, since I had more or less just come in from outside about 30 minutes prior, if it was hot out there.

I stared at her and laughed. "Really?" I retorted.

"Well, ya. I'm trying to see how hot it is."

I gave her That Look and laughed some more.

I responded, "It's Texas in summertime. Yeah, it's hot outside."

I should have told her that since she was wearing a tank top and I didn't think it had actually hit 100 outside (although it was pretty damn close), that I might say it was Texas-style sweater weather.
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First, watch this clip from Raumpatrouille Orion

Then, flash back to the Kitchen of the Future, and be sure to get your tinfoil hats ready for the dance party.


Jul. 12th, 2016 06:49 am
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I know what happened to Hitomi.

Genesis happened (at 40sec in the video).

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for Game of Thrones fans:

I'd like to see someone come up with a "How to Care for your very own Pet Reek" pamphlet, cartoon, or better yet, YouTube video.

cut for very minor spoilers )
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Come Take My Hand

(This is what happens while I'm sitting at work, passing the time, and a friend feels the need to correct her "brb" chat to me.)
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"It's not a hunch. It's science."

Thank you, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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