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Middle nephew that loves riding the big roller coaster rides with me asked if we could go to Six Flags today. He's learned from me the value of going to Six Flags on skeptical weather days, like cold, possibly rainy days in the fall, and scattered thunderstorm days like today.

We got rained on twice, once as soon as we arrived and again right after eating dinner. That second storm cell included a few park-wide notices of the weather service alert accompanying it, which the alarm sound over the intercom made Little Bit nervous for a moment. I had to pull up the radar on my phone and talk him through understanding that it wasn't a tornado warning, and that we were safer staying there than leaving and driving in the car TOWARDS the oncoming assault. We stayed in the restaurant while the bulk of the second storm passed, which had already started losing power once it reached us and was only a mid-level rain rather than the OMG pummel of doom it started out as on the other side of Fort Worth. The A/C was making us cold, so we were happy to start walking around in the light rain again once the storm subsided. There were puddles to walk through everywhere, and nephew, along with many younger kids throughout the park, were loving stomping and splashing in them. Some bigger puddles were unavoidable while walking through the wait-line corrals Luckily I wore sandals instead of socks and shoes. I know how crinkled my feet get when they're trapped in water-logged shoes all day, like they did when I was a teen and rode the soaking water rides first thing upon arrival on a hot, hot summer day.

Our drink spilled a total of three times - once on the table, once on him while we were on a ride, and once on my hoodie while it was sitting in the bin during another ride. Apparently the lid doesn't seal as well as it should. Luckily we were already thoroughly damp, so while the spillage added a level of soaking to our clothes, you couldn't tell while walking amongst the other water-drenched souls.

The park was emptying out by the time we arrived at around 4pm, so much so that I thought maybe they had decided to close due to the rain, but they stayed open the full day until 9pm. I think most people got in their fun in the morning before the rains started, but those dry folks probably also had much longer lines to stand in. There were absolutely no lines for us. The longest we waited for a single ride was The Justice League at maybe 30 minutes, which on a normal busy day is 2+ hours. I know this because the first time we rode it I got leg cramps from a 2-hr long line, and I've seen the corral be even fuller than that on some days.

We ate a churro and popcorn and carried around that Mr. Pibb in our free refill bottle. We rode the Batman ride with zero wait. We had a burger, chicken nuggets, onion rings, fries, a fruit cup, a fruit roll-up, and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish for dinner. Then we rode The Justice League and Runaway Mountain, the two inside rides we knew would for sure be open again once the storm passed over. Then we rode The Texas Giant twice, The Titan twice, and The Texas Giant another two times. Any other regular summer day, weekend or not, and ALL of those rides would have ~2 hours wait times.

In summary, 5 hours, a snack, a dinner, two water shows, and 9 rides, all for the cost of gas (since we have the season pass with meals).

At least I didn't have to worry about sunscreen.

The best parts about today were our conversations to and from the park. Little Bit definitely has a scientific mind. On the way out he asked about the myth that green skies always means tornado, and I explained super cell clouds, wall clouds, and light dispersion, especially during sunset, through such a gigantic super cell. He now knows green skies and tornadoes are correlated, but not causality - I would have shown him a Venn, but I was driving. We simultaneously debunked the rain-means-no-tornado myth. We also talked about vortexes in general, including dust devils, hurricanes, whirlpools, and even the smoke vortex you can see coming off the iron cooking slab at our favorite Mongolian grill restaurant. I discussed how the power source for some come from the heat coming off the ground/base of the vortex and some get their power from the top. Later, while riding The Texas Giant the second set of times, we enjoyed the sunset and the going-away thunderstorm clouds while the train was pulled up the main drop hill, and he commented to me that he understood the light dispersion stuff better while looking at the pretty sunset colors.

On our drive back, he asked me to clarify the magnets installed in the cars affecting stop lights concept. He was close, but not quite right. I told him about the grooves in the road and how the metal car disrupts the inductance, so we played Where's Waldo looking for the grooves at the next couple of intersections. I didn't go into as much scientific depth with that as I did the green tornado clouds stuff. Next time I hang out with him, I'll introduce him to henry.

But Wait, There's More!

He also asked about college, and if I went to college, and how degrees work. So we spent the rest of the drive home talking about undergrad Bachelor, grad Master, and post-grad PhD/MD/JD degrees.

Whew. What a day.


Mar. 26th, 2017 10:50 am
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When I was about aged 21-23, I went with my mom and dad to the liquor store while we were out and about one day. My dad has had a large, greying beard for quite some time. When we got to the checkout counter, the cashier didn't worry about my dad, but with my mom and me in line with him, he asked to see our IDs for verification of age (21 is the age limit here in the states for purchasing alcohol). Maybe he thought my mom and I were both underage and that we had talked this nice older gentleman into buying booze for us? Neither Mom nor I had brought in our purses, because it was dad getting the alcohol, but the cashier wouldn't complete the sell to my dad until all our ages were confirmed. We went out to get our purses, brought them back in, holding up the cashier's line in the process (but that was on him), and showed him our IDs. Being old enough myself, and Mom being 20 years older than me, she couldn't resist making a funny comment about the matter with the cashier once he saw her date of birth, and then commenting to Dad about him being married to a young spring chicken, which of course made me roll my eyes and possibly gag a little. It wasn't the first time someone thought we were sisters and that she was closer to my age than expected. Being early 20s, I was at that age when I was quite used to being carded, and in fact expected to be carded and found joy when I wasn't, but Mom thought those days were over for her.

I now know how she must have felt.

Up until my mid-thirties I would still get occasionally carded for cigarettes (age limit 18). Since I've stopped smoking, I've stopped being able to test that perception.

Yesterday I went to lunch with a couple friends. They ordered their drinks while I had gone to the restroom. When I came back, I ordered my drink. The waitress thought for a moment and then asked to see my ID. Success!

So now I know, it's definitely in the genes. If my mom can get carded for alcohol into her early 40s, so can I.
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Eldest fell off his bike and is now having to be kept overnight in the hospital for a concussion. The two symptoms Mom told me about were constant throwing up and low oxygen levels, neither of which are a good sign.

I'm trying not to freak out. Dad's staying the night at the hospital while Mom is at home with Little Bit and Pipsqueak, since this is Pipsqueak's weekend to spend with his brothers.

So much for plans to take the boys skating tomorrow.

I'm done with their 3 scarves, so they'll each be getting a gift from me. I'll probably take them out for ice cream if Eldest has been cleared for such, although from the sounds of it he might end up just wanting to sleep a bunch. I also bought these TMNT cookies while grocery shopping the other day, since Pipsqueak is a huge fan.

I'm just trying to think of what else we can do for hanging out now. Most all recommendations for healing from concussion say avoid TV and games and cell phones, given how much the eyes and brain get involved, all three of which Eldest is addicted to. I might recommend he try an audio book, something that will keep his mind occupied, but which will allow him to relax his eyes.

Any suggestions on some good manga I could find in audiobook format?
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Just kidding. I think it was more of a mad descent into Heathenville, where the weather is mighty warm. I was telling friends and family since Friday that I no longer need to visit Australia to experience a summer Christmas. We hit 80-degrees yesterday, which is a nice spring day by my Texan standards (and most of Australia), but warm enough to get me close to that summer-xmas experience.

I'm working on creating a crochet mesh tube scarf for Dad. He's been asking Mom about finding him a knit scarf for winter. I've looked around, but most actual knit, masculine scarves in one of the colors he has requested is either difficult to find or kind of expensive, so I opted to snag some yarn and make him one myself. I decided on crochet instead of knit because it's easier and faster for me. This particular pattern with the waffle holes and being done in the round looked like it would go pretty quickly, and the double-layer result of the scarf should make it ridiculously warm. It feels wonderful being able to create something for my dad. He's not one to ask for nor really care about receiving gifts in general, so being able to make him something homemade is great.

I started the scarf Friday night while awaiting our friends coming over for a Christmas gift exchange and a birthday party. I spent about an hour or so Saturday working on it in between wrapping Christmas gifts for the boys and showing Ricardo around the Krampusnaucht event happenings in The Secret World. I then worked on it mostly non-stop before and after opening presents with the boys on Sunday, and all that afternoon and evening while watching Doctor Who's Face the Raven, Heaven Sent ("It must be Christmas."), and Hell Bent, just before the showing of The Return of Doctor Mysterio. It's now 5ft long, and by the time I'm finished with the 2nd skein, I should have the 6-ft length I'm going for.

(You hear that? That's the sound of me feeding my addictions. ALL OF THEM: Gaming, Doctoring, Stringworking, oh my!)

Crochet Project Details Here )

I was well pleased with all the gifts I managed to give, and I was thoroughly surprised with all the gifts received. The biggest and best was a combined gift from Ricardo, Lili, and Fiona, of a Coca-Cola mini fridge to replace the mini fridge that previously died. That alone will make a ton of difference for our household as a whole. Ricardo helped get it in place and then Paco managed to take over swapping the door hinge to the other side for a proper fit in its new home. Tom managed to string a power cord through the recesses of the kitchen to get it up and running the next day when I wasn't looking. Oh, happy, joy, joy.

My second favorite gift has to be the replacement tea kettle Kevin picked out for me. That image doesn't do it's coloring justice. It's a brilliantly deep red that is absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to have to pay attention and keep it clean of the cooking gunk that managed to cover the last two kettles I've had.

Today Mom is bringing Eldest and Little Bit over to do some yardwork at our house. Eldest still owes money to Little Bit from his XBox One purchase back in late summer, in which Little Bit was kind enough to lend him half the money so he could get it sooner rather than later. Little Bit got his XBox One as a Christmas gift from Mom and Dad, since Eldest hadn't saved up enough yet to pay him back so he could get it himself. So now Eldest technically owes that difference to Mom and Dad, while money earned by Little Bit will just go towards his savings for other things.
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We planned a trip to Six Flags today. I got there wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt, carrying a sweater wrapped around my waist, and leaving a heavy hoodie in the car along with an extra skirt that I can throw over my pants for when the weather gets cold. I knew there would be cold this evening, but I was figuring on it being somewhere between 40-50 by the time we were ready to leave the park, and I *might* need the heavier coat when the sun set in about 6 hours.

As soon as I entered the gate I felt chilly and went to grab the sweater wrapped around my waist to actually put it on - it was gone. The park was FULL FULL FULL of people (it took us close to a full hour to exit the freeway and finally get past the parking gate for the park), and somewhere between the ticket counter, the baggage check, and the ticket gate (no, this isn't an airport, but you do get taken for a ride), the sweater had managed to untie itself and fall without my notice. Little Bit went back to look for me, but it was not found. I used my season pass discount to buy a light weight hoodie from a souvenir shop. It's not bad, but I just bought that now-lost sweater maybe two months ago. I was so upset that I have already managed to lose it.

We had purchased a locker to store the mid-temperature clothing that we brought in. However, within 2 hours we had retrieved everything from the locker AND made a return trip to the car for the heavier clothing.

Within the next two hours temperatures plummeted, and by dusk it was already 30 and we all became meat popsicles. Our faces were wind burnt from the cold, our fingers and toes were frozen, and Littlest One, whose birthday was today, still wanted to ride one more ride.

That was only the second ride of the entire evening that we managed to get to. We apparently spent more time in the shops and searching for each other (because we kept getting separated) than we ever spent in a queue.


Nov. 23rd, 2016 08:38 am
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The middle nephew spammed my Steam chat Friday night. I logged in today to check on a game and saw 24 missed chat messages. Goofball.

boy: Hello [happyface]
boy: I wish you were online right now.[poutyface]
boy: :/ Ugh...Im sooooo booorrrrdd.... :/
boy: Maaaaaaaaaaan..... :/ I wish you were here right now....Dang it... I DONT HAVE ANYONE TO TALK TOOOO!!!! DANG IT! [sadface]
boy: ...
boy: \(._.) / (( /
boy: Whoops
boy: \(._.)/ ( ( / \
boy: Hm....Nvm
boy: \ (._.) /
boy: (    (
boy: /   \
boy: [happyface]
boy: \ (._.)
boy: \ (   (\
boy: Whoops messsed up
boy: \ (._.)
boy: (   ( |
boy: |    \
boy: xD There we go! :D xD
boy: Hello
boy: ....Still not here....    :/
boy: Uggghhhhhh.......  :/
boy: [poutyface]
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Middle nephew's birthday is next Wednesday.

Eldest is away at a friend's ranch this weekend, then to that same friend's b-day party next weekend, then we'll have the Littlest One with us the weekend after that. Eldest promised we could sit down this weekend and learn some more Japanese, but I think he forgot about his ranch plans when he promised me that. I'll try to hit him up Sunday when he comes back home.

Middle nephew wants to go to The Olive Garden for his birthday dinner. I also showed him colorful cake options we saw at the store while picking up the Angel Food batter I needed for last weekend, and he'd like to have one of those. I have the boys on my Barnes & Noble membership card enrolled in the Kids' Club thing they have, so I received his birthday free food gift coupon at the in-house Starbucks via my email. I'll probably look at taking him by there this weekend.

He loves riding the roller coasters with me, so I'm considering Six Flags with him this weekend. I think they should have their Fright Fest decorations up now, which also means there will be haunted houses.

The Texas State Fair opens this weekend, and that might always be an option.

There's an estate sale going on this weekend, and he tends to like to visit those with me.

Since his brother we be gone all weekend, I know he's likely to get bored on his own, but we have knitting we could do together (oooh, we could take the knitting with us to the Starbucks in the B&N - that would be cool), and I could get him to break out the game programming book again and we could play with that some more.

I got Mom and him watching the Battlestar Galactica reboot (this will be like my 6th time to watch through the entire series - this has all happened before...), and we haven't watched any of it in a while. (Eldest started watching the pilot with us, but then got bored and wanted to go play on his XBox with his friends instead, so he hasn't been watching with us.)

The best plan would be Saturday hit up the estate sale in the morning, then a nice lunch somewhere, then B&N with knitting for an afternoon snack, and then he could play with his knitting while I do some cross stitch the rest of the evening while we watch BSG. We could always do some game programming Sunday until say mid-afternoon, then head out to Six Flags until Eldest drags in and we can all try another Japanese lesson.


Sep. 4th, 2016 09:22 pm
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We had to euthanize one of my family's cats today. Cow-Cow was 15 years old and used to be absolutely obese, hence her name. She was my sister's cat, and when circumstances came that she needed to find a new home, she was adopted into my parents' household about a year or so ago. She was a beautiful tortiseshell calico, who had grown so thin that I was always worried I would break a bone while petting her.

Eldest nephew acted nonchalant about us taking her to the emergency clinic; this is his way of dealing with death, as I had learned when my grandmother died a few years ago. Little Bit was sad and at first wanted to go with us, but then decided to stay behind. Dad started crying while holding Cow-Cow as mom and I got our things together. Mom and I took her in, and she was evaluated. She was 15, "legally" blind and walking until she would almost bump her head into objects (feeling them with her whiskers and eye lashes before her actual forehead in most cases, but still causing a jump-back reaction), and had arthritis that prevented her from jumping any longer, and only barely allowed her to make it up the one step into the kitchen and back down into the living room.

Saturday morning dad found her walking in circles, and more or less no longer responding to us calling her, which would previously get her attention and orient her in the right direction to us. She showed no signs of the typical head tilt found in ear infections and vestibular disease. I'm not sure why they didn't take her in to the vet yesterday, but when it comes to things like these dad leaves it to mom and mom leaves it to me. I felt a bit like she was waiting for me to be the deciding factor and to help discuss it with the boys. My sister saw Cow-Cow last weekend, and knew that it was getting close to time, so she had made sure to spend a few extra minutes giving her love even then. The vet confirmed our suspicions that she most likely had a stroke or some other brain issue, and that she was unlikely to get much better.

As per our family's usual wishes, Cow-Cow will be cremated and her remains will be brought home and placed with our previous pets.

Study Bug

Aug. 28th, 2016 10:38 am
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Along with GRE lessons, I'm also learning Japanese with my eldest nephew. )

As another development, eldest and his friends started playing D&D. They've been playing the World War Z and the Walking Dead games that are based on similar RPG mechanics, but one of the boys has officially bought a couple of the D&D books, and they're branching out into that arena as a group. I'm such a proud geek aunt. I was initially toying with the idea of getting eldest into Pathfinder a couple months ago, so hearing of this new development thrills me.

Eldest is doing the math of the future in his head. He knows I'm trying to teach his younger brother programming, and he would like to learn to draw/animate anime, and he's really digging into the RPGs. He'd like it if the two of them managed to make their own games.

I'm thinking it's time to introduce him to Persona or some of the other visual novel type games. This seems to be the direction he's heading.
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My sister was in town to visit her childlings this weekend. She only lives about 3 hours away, but that's far enough that we call it being in town when she's here. On Sunday, while getting ready to head back out, she asked me, since I had more or less just come in from outside about 30 minutes prior, if it was hot out there.

I stared at her and laughed. "Really?" I retorted.

"Well, ya. I'm trying to see how hot it is."

I gave her That Look and laughed some more.

I responded, "It's Texas in summertime. Yeah, it's hot outside."

I should have told her that since she was wearing a tank top and I didn't think it had actually hit 100 outside (although it was pretty damn close), that I might say it was Texas-style sweater weather.
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Here's an article on bimodal sleep, wherein* the idea of waking up for about an hour or so in the middle of the night is quite normal.

If I wake up like that with my brain turned on, you usually know about it, because I tend to gravitate towards posting my thoughts here to help speed me along on my way back to the Land of Nod. I don't always wake up, though. The other night I don't even recall turning in bed, which tends to wake me up slightly when I do it.

This evening I dealt with an unwanted intrusion on my computer (and my mom's and my work computers) via my TeamViewer account. They appeared to be trying to find a logged-in eBay account, and luckily I was directly watching my computer the moment the hack started, so I was on the phone with mom while she saw the same thing, and then I caught them just as they were logging out of my work computer when I went to exit out of that connection. None of our eBay accounts were logged in, so as soon as they clicked on My Account and hit a login screen they moved on, and with me watching as it was happening I was able to stop them from having continued unlimited access to our computers. I still think of myself as lucky in that respect.

Mom overreacted. I told her to exit out of TeamViewer and then got off the phone to deal with triage. I called her back after a couple passwords were changed, and she informed me that after getting off the phone she put TeamViewer in the Recycle Bin on the desktop and then closed Firefox and did the same with that. Then she turned off the laptop completely.




Yeah. Keep laughing - I'm laughing right along with you. That's my mom for ya. At least the part about turning off the computer completely wasn't that horrible of an idea, and she did have the right intentions regarding all of her other actions. She also was freaking out because dad was possibly surfing eBay earlier in the day on a different computer in their house which doesn't have TeamViewer loaded, but she was still worried that he hadn't logged out and they might have accessed their eBay account through that computer as well. I had to reassure her that was most likely not the case - they were fishing via TeamViewer and logged out as soon as they couldn't find what they were looking for. Planned epee stab attack. Still, since my computer was the first hit, I've already run a couple scans, checked running processes and verified no new installed programs, and I'm not seeing anything new, special, or out of the ordinary. Had I not been watching the entire activity which lasted all of a minute or two at most, I'd probably consider more drastic measures, but at this point, I'm betting on the epee point being quite small, and our padding being just right.

I have a feeling that should I awaken tonight it'll be from some kind of intruder nightmare, or worse, a nightmare about All The Things getting thrown in the recycle bin, and I'll have some jackass hacker out there (and possibly my mom to some small extent) to blame.

* "wherein" seems to be a favorite meme word of mine these days, because I keep catching myself using it for some reason
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The 5th Game of Thrones audiobook - A Dance with Dragons - became available via my library after many weeks on hold, so Koontz's Kunt (yeah, I'm being quite mean about that female protagonist) will have to wait a couple weeks before she can annoy me some more.

In the meantime, I dreamt about wolves last night. We had to corral my parents' dogs into the garage last night to get them to stop barking at the lightning, and the Prologue and most recently read chapters in the book involve a pack of warg wolves. So I managed to dream about corralling the warg wolves. It was a cute dream.

In other news, Mom wanted to go for Mother's Day dinner, which I said was a bad idea. We met up at The Olive Garden only to see the crowd waiting outside the building for a table, which indicated at minimum an hour wait time, if not longer. I parked my car, my sister conveyed messages to me from their vehicle, and we all decided to take the truck, leaving my car behind, and try our hand at Mexican Inn. We had only about a 5min wait while they got us a bigger table, while in the meantime groups of 2-4 were able to be seated immediately.

While driving to our second destination, Mom asked why a church sign said, "He Is Risen," instead of, "He Has Risen." (Welcome to the Buckle of the Bible Belt.) Apparently, it's a common question. I started to mention the differences between verb tenses and risen as a verb versus risen as an adjective (as I actually wasn't aware of the simpler answer of, "That's how it is in older versions of the Bible using older forms of English," although I'm aware of that now), but instead went with, "It's like saying, 'She is female'. You wouldn't say, 'She has female.'" That seemed to quickly calm the qualm. I learned a while back that many times an example is better than a full explanation, although putting that into practice is more difficult for me.

Listening to Game of Thrones includes hearing a lot of older English, like people stating that they are going to break their fast, or she is breaking her fast, versus the modern way of saying, "I'm going to breakfast," or, "I'm having breakfast," wherein we've turned the process into a more succinct noun instead of using the original verb phrase. I was also thinking of Doctor Who just a few days ago and the cryptic sentence, "He has a secret he will take to the grave, and it is discovered," keeps playing on repeat in my head at the moment. Mom bringing up, "He is risen," only added fuel to my head worm, so now there's two sentences playing on repeat, and my brain keeps wanting to interject the image of the Doctor in place of Jesus.

"The Doctor's grave is discovered, and He Is Risen!"

Good grief. Zombie Doctor.

As a complete aside, the boys finally broke out the World War Z board game I bought eldest for Christmas, and they've been playing it non-stop since Saturday night. It's similar to Risk, and much simpler to our Arkham board game, although eldest also talks about playing The Walking Dead board game at a friend's house, and I have a feeling it's much more like the Arkham game. Maybe a little less insanity inducing.

In the meantime, I keep thinking that George R.R. Martin better write faster, because I don't think I want to hear any of his Game of Thrones books being read by anyone other than Roy Dotrice, but bless him, unless his mission in life is to stay alive long enough to read to the end of the series, his end will come sooner, and I will be quite mournful of such a loss.

Monkey See

Jun. 21st, 2015 11:08 pm
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Every time I show up at my parents' house with a new string working hobby, Little Bit gets interested and wants to learn what I'm doing. Tonight, I had a little face in the middle of my knitting, so I gave him a ball of yarn and showed him how to make a slip stitch and long-tail cast on, which he did until he was bored (meaning, an entire long knitting needle worth of casting on). Later, he forced me to go ahead and show him the knit and purl stitches. I opted to teach him the Continental method first. I'll teach him the English method later once he's made good progress with holding his needles while making the stitches.

Eldest came around and started giving him a hard time about doing "girly" activities, which spawned me asking what was so wrong about MY activities. This sparked a little conversation with the boys about sexism. I don't try to push those conversations, but I do take advantage of pointing out such things when they come up. Besides, Little Bit is very much not afraid of his effeminate side, so I have a more vested interest in making sure Eldest doesn't grow up anti-effeminate, let alone anti-gay, just in case Little Bit goes in that direction. Today, Little Bit rotated between learning knitting, playing with Eldest with the electronics kit, playing with toy cars, and trying to build a fort out of scrap wood in the back yard. I'd say he's pretty well balanced so far. I'm doing my best to counteract negative socialization that I feel they are learning from their peers.

Once our sexism conversation was out of the way, Eldest actually started to show an interest in learning what I'd been teaching Little Bit. So, tomorrow after work, I'll take him to Jo-Ann and if he really wants, we'll pick out some yarn (he says he'd like red and black, and I know black is not a good color with which to learn, so I'll get him red) and I'll get a couple more sets of knitting needles for them both.

In other news, my plans to get the boys interested in audio books went without a hitch. We first watched Ender's Game, and I talked to them about the differences between the movie and the book, namely that a lot of stuff was left out. I then proceeded to read the first few chapters of the book while they in turn practiced knitting and played with the electronics kit individually. I'm picking up the audio book tomorrow during my lunch hour, since my voice can't handle too much reading, and I'd also like to be knitting while listening instead of reading out loud. Come vacation time next weekend we'll be ready to move on to Ender in Exile Speaker for the Dead, and they'll both have string working projects and laptops/tablets to play with while we drive to our destination.

Trip Time

Jun. 14th, 2015 10:32 am
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After a few years working at my place of business, I'm actually planning an honest vacation from there (Jun 29-Jul 3). It's not that I'll have my phone off, but I'll actually be doing things away from home most of the week. We've planned out who will be taking care of my job duties while I'm out. I've trained the staff necessary and am crossing my fingers that all will go well.

Yesterday, Mom and I worked out our plans for a 3-day trip to San Antonio with the two eldest nephews. )

Then, I'll have two days to relax away from the boys and do some needed bedroom and closet organizing and hanging out with a friend or two. That will be followed by probably more skating and July 4th fireworks with the boys, and then a typical lazy Sunday in which I sit on my ass and do as little as possible while playing with some form of string craft.

Oh, and June 29th is my birthday, so this will be a nice birthday present as well.

Now to remember where I've stored my luggage, which I think is in the shed, but I haven't been out there in two years, so this alone will be a minor adventure in and of itself.

I also have no idea when was the last time I used my vacation tag for one of these posts. I'm glad to be using it for its intended purpose.

All Set

May. 31st, 2015 09:43 am
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I had a Mad Max movie marathon with the nephews yesterday, subjecting them to Mad Max, Road Warrior, and even Beyond Thunderdome. Today is Fury Road.
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Today was a play date with the two oldest nephews. )

It was a good play date. Now that I'm home, ice, ibuprofen, and maybe a couple swigs of whiskey would be a good prescription (just to prove that I can be an adult with my pride intact after such a tumbling), but I'm worn out and tired. Ibuprofen, check, but otherwise I'm heading to bed to sleep like a rock hopefully.
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Watching through Doctor Who and Torchwood with the nephews made it so I didn't have to think of movies for a while. I haven't shown them Miracle Day, and the last season of Doctor Who isn't on Netflix yet, so they haven't seen any episodes with Capaldi.

Last weekend we ended up watching The Dark Crystal and Tin Tin.

I lent eldest Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart as well as Stonehearst Asylum while he was in the hospital, neither of which I've seen. If I try to watch it with them, he's likely to give away spoilers, so i think I'll bring those back home unless he promises not to give anything away.

I'm rounding up another stack of movies, some old, some more recent. We'll pick from this stack for a while.

movies, movies, and movies, oh my )
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I got Little Bit's email address from him last night and sent him an email while he was watching.

I said: subject: "I Luv U" body: "My little munchkin."

He apparently logged in on his laptop while we were watching Doctor Who to send me his response: "Hello you little peace of sweetness![heart icon]" (sic) I saw his response when I got home last night.

I'm sure I'm supposed to be happy at his response, but in all honesty, it's a bit creepy sounding. He's only 9 years old, so I doubt it's meant to be creepy in the least. This is the same boy that insists on walking me to my car and opening and closing the door like a gentleman for me each and every time I'm heading home. Heh - he even tucked in the remnants of my skirt for me last night while I was setting my purse down on the passenger seat. It was adorable. He then slammed the door way too hard without realizing it and ran back inside to wave goodbye to me from the door. It reminds me of Everafter - It's tradition!

Little Bit and Eldest took turns laying on me while watching the show last night. I swear at least one of them has to be leaning on me at any given point when I'm over there. Littlest One never gets the chance, but he does tend to lean on one of the brothers while they're leaning on me. It's like a leaning train.

I love my little munchkins. I couldn't think of anyone better to spend Valentine's with.

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