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Eileen showed us living room viewers the George R. R. Martin and Stephen King mutual interview, and King was talking about how we always remember the killers but rarely the victims.

It got me to thinking about a story plot, something along the lines of a Black Mirror episode, where potential victims become major celebrities a la royalty, dead victims become saints, and somehow an entire society manages to revolve around these concepts. People WANT to be attempted murder victims. Sociopaths/psychopaths are welcomed and even nurtured. Attemptees, as they are called, become the tabloid fodder, the socialites to see and be seen with (kind of like the survivors of the Hunger Games in a way). They get sponsorships and interviews and even movie offers. Oh, and someone who has been a Double or even A Fated Triple Attemptee© - those rare folks are set for life.

The internal struggle of the story could actually be with one of the psychopaths. They are like the equivalent of stunt doubles. Nobody actually knows who they are. They can walk around in full daylight and nobody recognizes them except for the occasional oddball fan that for some reason bothers to look up and research mass killers. And this person, this otherwise-would-be-famed murderer actually wants his moment in the spotlight. Maybe one of his fans keeps pushing him to get into the spotlight. Thus the story begins, with one hopeful psychopath, looking to tell his story...

I don't know, just brainstorming an idea out loud.
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Officially: Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture (composed in 1880)

Hummed by Eugene in The Walking Dead, season 7, episode 11, titled Hostiles and Calamities, while making his own "cannon" for the girls' amusement.

Full with Cannons

WARNING: Cannons may make dogs bark, scare your mom, leave your neighbor dumbfounded, make cats panic, wake you up in the middle of the night shouting at the top of your lungs because you think you are being robbed, scare the crap out of you, and/or blow up your ears and brains; among other things...

AKA: Dan Fogelberg - Same Old Lang Syne (a hundred years later, 1980, and Tchaikovsky is groaning in his grave)

Best heard in:

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I'm stuck in YouTube again, all because a friend sent a link.

Also, speaking of marvelous musical machines, last week Wintergarten celebrated it's one year anniversary of posting The Marble Machine. 2:10 rocks. I'm also quite into the sax that comes in at 5:15. Watching it go techno, then dubstep, then hardcore was funny. Oh god, 8:30 kills me!

HAHA - All this needs is either a Devo song, or maybe even Kraftwerk's We Are The Robots, created for it to play. I could picture Devo's A Beautiful World on this. Hm, Daft Punk, perhaps?

This one appears to be at a diner, if it's not the diner itself.
So pretty

SERIOUSLY - I'm stuck in YouTube and can't get out!


Mar. 10th, 2017 07:51 pm
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When I don't think Legion could get any weirder...


I was glad when two episodes ago things kind of started to make sense, but now it's gone pear-shaped, sideways, upside-down cake again, and it's coming precariously close to losing me as a viewer.
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Fantasy Island got a minor reboot in 1998/99, and I 1)totally missed it, and 2)actually had hopes for it given its cast.

With the reboot of so many other shows, I keep wondering if they'll try to reboot Fantasy Island again. After all, it's now been almost 20 years since the last reboot. (Good grief, I feel old.)

Speaking of Mädchen Amick (she was in the reboot with Malcolm McDowell), this is my friendly reminder to myself that it's a'comin'.
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I'm working with the guy that's the design/implementation manager (or some such title) for the new roll out of the dispatching program we use at work.

I started as a beta tester for this new system, and he's been working with me over the past two weeks on getting reporting and downloads from his system into my own database to work with each other. It works well, because I get my data and he gets reports from me about issues I run into, which being OCD and trying to make two sets of data match perfectly means I seem to inadvertently run into ALL the issues.

This one in particular was quite fun:

ERROR: operator does not exist: character varying + unknown

I copy/pasted it into an email to him with the comment:
"I know MY character can be varying and unknown, but sheesh, does the report have to point that out to me? lol"

I really hope I'm more of source of amusement for him and his co-workers than a poking thorn in the side, seeing as I'm reporting something almost daily.

Incidentally, his last name is Robinson, so it's constantly taking everything in my power not to say, "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!" at any point during our emails. I feel certain that any person with last name Robinson no longer thinks of that as a funny joke.
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As Keith Olbermann likes to call them.

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It has over 2 minutes of final credits that are just as fascinating to watch as the video.

Although, I'm not so sure about the tar barrels. That was far from my favorite part.

6:50, though, is a great moment to pause on.

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I originally saw this as a coffee mug, but the link only has various clothing styles from what I can find. What a tease.

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Eldest fell off his bike and is now having to be kept overnight in the hospital for a concussion. The two symptoms Mom told me about were constant throwing up and low oxygen levels, neither of which are a good sign.

I'm trying not to freak out. Dad's staying the night at the hospital while Mom is at home with Little Bit and Pipsqueak, since this is Pipsqueak's weekend to spend with his brothers.

So much for plans to take the boys skating tomorrow.

I'm done with their 3 scarves, so they'll each be getting a gift from me. I'll probably take them out for ice cream if Eldest has been cleared for such, although from the sounds of it he might end up just wanting to sleep a bunch. I also bought these TMNT cookies while grocery shopping the other day, since Pipsqueak is a huge fan.

I'm just trying to think of what else we can do for hanging out now. Most all recommendations for healing from concussion say avoid TV and games and cell phones, given how much the eyes and brain get involved, all three of which Eldest is addicted to. I might recommend he try an audio book, something that will keep his mind occupied, but which will allow him to relax his eyes.

Any suggestions on some good manga I could find in audiobook format?
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Headline Stress Disorder

Headline Stress Disorder

No matter how many times I say that phrase to myself, I simply cannot fathom it.

Headline Stress Disorder

Headline Stress Disorder

I'm not angry that someone has "Headline Stress Disorder." I'm angry that, according the author of this article, so many of those folks have to be told by a psychiatrist what it means.

Fuck your Headline Stress Disorder.
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I so want to find a list of the non-aired orders.

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Peter Capaldi is not allowed to leave.


I will miss you, Doctor.
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Create your own TickCounter, like this person who created a Time Until Trump Leaves Office countdown.

Of course, this could be taken two ways. One, a simple countdown timer. The other, a question:

How many blood-sucking ticks can you count in/on [ad-libs - insert your own location-noun, like, for instance: the White House (or) the Trump Teat]?
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I'm not sure if we have Starz in our cable package. I hope so.

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A while back, Lolotehe and I went to see Crispin Glover's Big Slide Show which includes a Q&A after the presentation of his movie (which included the showing of It is fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE.).

The biggest takeaway from the event was Crispin's take on movie endings and the messages movies are trying to convey. It's what started his feud with the creators of Back to the Future and now fuels his own creative juices toward making his own movies.

In Back to the Future, Marty McFly is rewarded with the girl, the awesome family, and most importantly, the truck, representing the materialistic component of the reward both for the character and the viewer. Crispin felt this sent a bad/negative message to the audience.

At the time, I had bad feelings about that scene in the movie, but I never thought too much about it nor tried to put those feelings into words. Crispin nailed it. Not only that, but it made me start paying quite a lot of attention to that aspect of movies - the endings and the message that such rewards present in the denouement.

At one point a while back Lolotehe had also lent me a book called [Strange Minds - I can't recall exact name, but she'll see this and correct me later] which included the philosophical concept that "WE" are nothing but our brains talking to one another. Our bodies are our husks, but the conversation is actually taking place with one brain talking to another brain. The outside is just the shell.

Deadpool spoiler, so I figured a cut might be in order )

PS - Crispin also mentioned his involvement with the Wolf PAC, to which I'll give a shout out.


Jan. 16th, 2017 05:09 pm
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I gave Dad his scarf this weekend. He likes it a lot and even asked about one of the ways to wrap it that he's seen others do.

The two older boys have requested special colored scarves, so the really big, long scarf already done went to my sister, and I'm not sure who has claimed the 3rd scarf made from the leftover yarn from making Dad's scarf, but I'm sure I'll eventually see it around someone's neck. I have to go buy some more yarn. Well, I don't HAVE TO, considering that I have a couple suitcases filled with yarn at the moment, but that yarn has already been earmarked for other projects. And it's stored in the back of my closet where I can't currently reach it due to boxes of books being in the way.

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