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We are under a "red flag warning" for this evening.

Which I've never heard of before.

And which is funny, because we should be under thunderstorm warning, since a very sharp line of a front is about to pass over us in the next hour or two.

"A Red Flag Warning means that extreme fire weather conditions are either occurring now...or will shortly. A combination of strong winds...low relative humidity...and dry vegetation can contribute to extreme fire behavior. Avoid all outside burning and welding today. Do not toss lit cigarette butts outside. Report wild fires to the nearest fire department or law enforcement office."

You see? "low relative humidity" and "thunderstorm" kind of contradict each other. So, we're going to get pelted this morning, and then by evening 11AM the wind and sun will dry us up again.

Why don't they just call it a fire warning? You know, something that would make sense. Because here I am thinking that all our precious American and Texas flags that are everywhere are in threat of turning red. I think that would please Russia.

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