Mar. 17th, 2017

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Eileen showed us living room viewers the George R. R. Martin and Stephen King mutual interview, and King was talking about how we always remember the killers but rarely the victims.

It got me to thinking about a story plot, something along the lines of a Black Mirror episode, where potential victims become major celebrities a la royalty, dead victims become saints, and somehow an entire society manages to revolve around these concepts. People WANT to be attempted murder victims. Sociopaths/psychopaths are welcomed and even nurtured. Attemptees, as they are called, become the tabloid fodder, the socialites to see and be seen with (kind of like the survivors of the Hunger Games in a way). They get sponsorships and interviews and even movie offers. Oh, and someone who has been a Double or even A Fated Triple AttempteeĀ© - those rare folks are set for life.

The internal struggle of the story could actually be with one of the psychopaths. They are like the equivalent of stunt doubles. Nobody actually knows who they are. They can walk around in full daylight and nobody recognizes them except for the occasional oddball fan that for some reason bothers to look up and research mass killers. And this person, this otherwise-would-be-famed murderer actually wants his moment in the spotlight. Maybe one of his fans keeps pushing him to get into the spotlight. Thus the story begins, with one hopeful psychopath, looking to tell his story...

I don't know, just brainstorming an idea out loud.

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