Feb. 10th, 2017

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Eldest fell off his bike and is now having to be kept overnight in the hospital for a concussion. The two symptoms Mom told me about were constant throwing up and low oxygen levels, neither of which are a good sign.

I'm trying not to freak out. Dad's staying the night at the hospital while Mom is at home with Little Bit and Pipsqueak, since this is Pipsqueak's weekend to spend with his brothers.

So much for plans to take the boys skating tomorrow.

I'm done with their 3 scarves, so they'll each be getting a gift from me. I'll probably take them out for ice cream if Eldest has been cleared for such, although from the sounds of it he might end up just wanting to sleep a bunch. I also bought these TMNT cookies while grocery shopping the other day, since Pipsqueak is a huge fan.

I'm just trying to think of what else we can do for hanging out now. Most all recommendations for healing from concussion say avoid TV and games and cell phones, given how much the eyes and brain get involved, all three of which Eldest is addicted to. I might recommend he try an audio book, something that will keep his mind occupied, but which will allow him to relax his eyes.

Any suggestions on some good manga I could find in audiobook format?

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